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I am Joel Castillo, a Digital Marketing Expert whose passion is to not only excel in my own career but also to help anyone else who wants to learn how to become a Digital Marketer.

Through my life and work, I've discovered that this is what really drives me: Mastering and sharing my Digital Marketing expertise and anything related more generally to business and technology.

I've worked for several different companies, ranging from Digital Marketing Agencies to Tech Start-Ups, but now I am an Independent Digital Marketing Consultant and Digital Marketing Agency business owner – and I love what I do!

Through my work as a Digital Marketer, I've finally discovered that a big part of my purpose is to help you learn how to be a digital marketing specialist, and especially as it relates to making the most of search engine optimization (SEO).


Here's Why You Should learn Digital Marketing from me...

As a Digital Marketing Expert, my number-one priority is to develop online marketing strategies that work for my clients. Part of that involves getting clients up-to-speed on their subject matter of choice so they can act with confidence in relation to Google’s search engine. Some of the training opportunities that have helped me develop my own expert SEO skills include the following:

  • Bruce Clay’s SEO Training Course
  • Brad Geddes Google Adwords Training
  • Google’s Adwords Partner Certification Training

Nothing gives me greater joy than leveraging what I have learned from other marketing experts into business growth and success for my clients, or to pass these skills on to others who want to learn the ins and outs of being an SEO expert. Either way, if what you need is a Digital Marketing Expert to show you the way, I’m your man! Here is a list of the important digital marketing services I provide to both businesses and individuals:

  1. Search Engine Optimization Consulting
  2. Search Engine Marketing/PPC Consulting
  3. Search Engine Optimization Training
  4. Search Engine Marketing/PPC Training

Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Search Engine Optimization Consulting

I DO SEO like nobody else, so if you’re looking for the best SEO specialist to make your site as visible as you need it to be, please get in touch with me. There are several factors that impact your search engine rankings, from keywords to backlinks to strong local presence. You might be wondering where to focus your attention or what is the most impactful way to proceed. Let a true SEO professional do the heavy lifting for you. Start by signing up for a FREE SEO Audit of your website below!

Search Engine Marketing/PPC Consulting

Search Engine Marketing/PPC Consulting

If you are looking for an expert PPC Manager that can generate leads and reduce your cost per lead within 30 days guaranteed, then your search stops here. I am a PPC Expert. Some of the industries I’ve worked on managing PPC budgets for include staffing, automotive, health, travel agency, real estate, eCommerce and retail. Learn more about my PPC Services by signing up for a free PPC Audit below.

Search Engine Optimization Training

Search Engine Optimization Training

With more than 7 years spent honing my expert search engine optimization skills, I know how SEO works in relation to Google Search! I’ve spent thousands of hours learning SEO through conferences, online courses, in-person courses and trainings. I love empowering others by teaching everything I know about SEO so you don’t have to waste time with SEO strategies that don’t work. Take a look at my SEO Tutorials [link here].

Search Engine Marketing/PPC Training

Search Engine Marketing/PPC Training

Over the past several years I’ve managed more than three million dollars in client advertising budgets to get results on marketing platforms such as Indeed, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads and others. And let’s face it, when it comes to marketing, it’s the results that matter most to clients. I am eager to teach you everything I know about PPC. Here are my PPC Tutorials [link here].


Digital Marketing Tips

How do you get search engines to understand what your website is about?

My Google Search Engine Optimization Guide will help you discover:

  1. Learn what Google's search engine likes.
  2. Instant practical knowledge of how Google Search Engine works.
  3. Dominate your Competitors on Google.
  4. Master how to optimize your web pages according to Google's SEO practices.
  5. Learn why we do SEO.
  6. Learn how do Search Engines impact your Business.
  7. Learn the 6 major items impacting Search Engine Rankings.

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